Our clients depend on us and trust us to guide them through the most appropriate route to establish a new business. Existing businesses rely on us to advise them on all government department affairs.

Combining our knowledge and expertise, we leave no stone unturned to provide you with the most appropriate advise that takes into account every aspect of your business including your activity, industry, future ventures, and more.

Our consulting services cover the full spectrum including the following:

  • Appropriate business legal structure
  • Type of corporate entity that should be established
  • All required agreements (including service agent agreement)
  • Legal paperwork (POA, MOA, partnership & side agreements)
  • Consultancy for governmental affairs at all of the following:
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Dubai Economic Department
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  • Dubai Civil Defense
  • Dubai Municipality
  • Dubai Tourism Department
  • Dubai Ports & Customs
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Ministry of Information and the equivalent departments in the entire UAE
  • Ministry of Interior Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department